Hondvriendelijk vakantiehuis in Zweden / Hundefreundliches Ferienhaus in Schweden


You are very welcome with your dog or several dogs in Gullabo stuga. We use a maximum of five dogs for the rental of our holiday home. More dogs are possible after consultation. It must of course "fit" and the house + interior must remain intact. The house has a living area of ​​110 m2 and has four sleeping places for people (three bedrooms on the upper floor).
We prefer that you do not let your dogs sleep in the bedrooms. If you are used to letting your dogs sleep in the bedroom/beds, we expect you to bring your own duvets (in addition to your own bed linen, of course).

Are you looking for a holiday home in a low-fireworks area during New Year's Eve?
In Sweden fireworks are also set off during New Year's Eve, only during the turn of the year itself and for a short time. Gullabo stuga is suitable as a low-fireworks location, not fireworks-free! If you are outside, the fireworks can be heard in the distance (Gullabo). If you are inside and you have the TV on, you will hear little to nothing.
Please keep in mind that there is hunting in Sweden. The bangs of a gunshot naturally sound the same to a dog as fireworks. Of course, the frequency of the sound, the flashes of light and the smell of fireworks is completely different from a shot from a hunter.

We want to keep this environment free of fireworks. So even if you are not looking for a low-fireworks environment yourself, setting off fireworks at our holiday home is not allowed.

Dog baskets
In the living room is a large dog bed of the brand Sabro (Kudde, size 6,  117 x 150 cm). This foam dog bed has a synthetic leather exterior. The dog bed does not require a pillow, just a blanket or something similar. Furthermore, there is a medium-sized basket of (hard) plastic. Please clean the baskets after use.

Rugs for the sofa
We kindly ask you to bring rugs for the two 2-seater sofas, if you allow your dog to sit on the sofa. Please clean the sofa before departure.
Food and water troughs
There are four height-adjustable stainless steel food and water troughs, 2 x 28 cm ∅ and 2 x 21 cm ∅. And a few small food/water bowls.

Extra freezer
In addition to the fridge/freezer combination in the kitchen, there is an extra freezer with three drawers in the utility room. You can use this freezer if you feed your dogs (fresh) meat from the freezer. The freezer is switched off and must be switched on before use.

There are four steps at the front of the house. If your dog cannot or is not allowed to walk stairs, it is best to enter through the rear (kitchen door). See also the photos in the photo album.

The garden of approximately 2500 m2 is completely fenced. The fence is made of wooden posts with garden mesh, with meshes of 5 x 10 cm. The fence is 120 cm high. The entrance gate consists of two gates, each 140 cm wide and 100 cm high.
On the outside of our garden there is an electrical wire to keep the wild boars out of the garden. Just to be clear, this electrical wire does not touch the fence for the dogs!
If you think the garden is too big for your dog(s), there is a sheep net in the shed with which you can fence off part of the garden yourself. Please put it back in the shed after use.

Dog walks
You can enter the forest directly from the house! If you want, you can go out for hours with your four-legged friend(s). You must keep your dog on a leash in Sweden from March 1 to August 20. If your dog does run loose, this will often be interpreted as illegal hunting!
At the beginning of October, moose hunting begins. Please keep your dog (in the first week) on a leash for your own safety and that of your dog(s) and preferably wear a safety vest. There are vests available on the coat rack in the house.
Various wild animals live in the forest: moose, deer, wild boar, hare, etc.
Rules in Sweden
Your dog must have a valid rabies vaccination, a chip and an EU passport. You can bring a maximum of five dogs to Sweden, otherwise additional documents apply. Sweden has no "prohibited breeds". If your dog is classified as a prohibited breed by Germany or Denmark, you are still allowed to travel through these countries, only you are not allowed to stay here.
Please visit your local customs agency for more information about the "import requirements per country".
In Sweden dogs are not allowed in restaurants. Occasionally you are lucky on a terrace.

Notification obligation to customs
In Sweden, there is an obligation to notify customs (= tullverket) when you import dogs into the country. It is best to register your dogs digitally in advance. This only takes a few minutes and is free of charge. The registration applies per dog. You can register a maximum of 5 dogs on one form. Then print out the registration paper and take this with you when travelling, together with the EU passports. Upon request, you must be able to show the registration number if asked by a customs officer. You can register your dogs with Swedish customs via the link below:

Nearest veterinarian
In Lyckeby (Karlskrona) you will find the nearest veterinarian. The house contains further information about important addresses and telephone numbers.

Dog poop
Your dog might do its business inside the fence. No problem! Provided you just clear this up. To the right of the wood store a small former vegetable garden is located. Here you will find a poop scoop and bucket (with red garbage bag), which you can use for this. You can put the red garbage bag with its contents in the waste container at the end of your stay (preferably with a double knot in it).  
We would appreciate it if you occasionally inspect the garden for accidents by your dog(s), so that nothing is left behind for the next guests.